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Interesting. It seems that by the winter of 2014, Netanyahu really understood that the occupation was not sustainable. In June 2017, Amir Tibon revealed that in February 2014, Netanyahu ended up accepting the first version of John Kerry's peace plan, which referred to the 1967 borders but did not explicitly refer to the partition of Jerusalem (it simply spoke of Palestinian rights in East Jerusalem, which may mean both a partition of the city or mere autonomy over the Arab neighborhoods).

Of course, the Palestinians refused to negotiate on the basis of such ambiguity, but a month later Kerry presented a second draft that explicitly referred to the partition of Jerusalem, which Abbas again rejected. Israel never saw the second draft. However, Ben Caspit revealed in his book on "The Netanyahu Years" that before presenting this offer to Abbas, the Americans warned that they would present the Palestinians with a second version that clearly referred to the partition of Jerusalem, and Yitzhak Molkho, Netanyahu's chief of staff, did not object. Instead, he told them to do whatever they wanted but that it would not change anything, because the Palestinians would say no again. Unfortunately, he was right. However, as of 2015, Netanyahu seems to have gone mad...



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