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from my facebook page, and not news to you: In 1973, the USA, acting in the interest of the USA, imposed on Israel under apparent threat of withholding further arms support, a cease-fire between Israel, Egypt, and Syria. The eventual settlement required Israel to relinquish battlefield gains and also a pullback from positions held since 1967 thus giving the end-game to the Arabs despite their initiating the war. We seem to be in a similar position now with Ukraine dependent on USA arms for its battlefield victories. However instead of forcing a cease-fire, we are feeding this war with additional weapons. Is it in the USA interest to prolong this war with our additional monies and arms with ongoing Ukrainian casualties, or is it in our interest to demand a cease-fire now maybe looking to a settlement along the existing line of battle? Have the White House and the Congress made their case to we citizens? In the meantime, it is noted that the USA has mounting and substantive problems, and it is not clear how our support of this war is helping to solve those.

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