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Shabbat Shalom !

Belensky, the coked up Goat of Kiev, is a master puppet, a pantomime of Vogue, reading an MI 6 script, I need ammo, not a ride. He was caused to bring death and mayhem Dante´s Divine Comedy Virgil could only envy, if I cannot move heaven, I will raise hell.

Is it the Ninth Wonder of the World that USA stands divided for the United Satanic America, fallen by design ?

Aren´t we common people all sick and tired of the odious Nutzie ideology still in power not only in Ukraine, now practically destroyed as a country and nation, a tragedy, while being demilitarized and denazified, and which is one of the main reasons, besides the lethal bioweapon and Covidiot vax scamdemic, why we all are struggling in these bizarre, degenerate WW3 times in the first place ! The ultra-corrupt Nutzie Neo-Cons in Washington DC still do not get it that Russia will no longer put up with their trillion $ BS, the Empire of Lies, the world´s bully. Nato, with Bidumb, and Bidumber (collective West), behind the fifth wheel, is just a paper tiger being grabbed by the P. No, not by Trumpfugue. I meant Putin, P = Putin ! Swastikas no more ! Red Tide coming .... Yep, fair enough.

Hmm, what makes me think I am right ? Because I tried, drawn, and quartered left, it wanted to succeed, but failed ! Because my last hand left is left, whoops ! Because who the hell on earth needs to go the dark left-hand path, for heaven´s sake ! I hope I got this right. Am I right, far right, right enough ? Too much right seems never enough ...

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