ASK QUESTIONS LATER is the newsletter of Dan Perry, who led the Associated Press coverage of Israel and the Middle East — from Pakistan through north Africa — for much of the 2010s. Before that led Europe and Africa for the agency, as well as the Caribbean. He served as the Foreign Press Association chairman in Jerusalem during the Second Intifada. His concerns range from supporting sanity and good humor around the world to defending the liberal order now beset from many sides. Subscribe to this newsletter and never miss an update.

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Analysis of world affairs, the economy, tech and culture by Dan Perry, former Cairo-based AP Mideast Editor, London-based Europe-Africa Editor and global foreign correspondent. Supporting reason and the liberal order now beset from all sides.


Dan Perry led AP coverage in the Middle East, Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. He was on the ground in Eastern Europe during the collapse of communism, chaired the Foreign Press Association in Jerusalem and is the author of two books about Israel.