Since computers cannot be humans—maybe the convergence suggests that humans are actually nothing more than biological computers

January 2023

American Jews who hate what Israel is doing to itself have every right to speak up
Jobob says the real problem is insufficient knowledge about firearms
The US is the only developed nation without a guaranteed baseline of health insurance, and a new poll shows people don't like it. Have your say below.
(Though Ask Questions Later will accept only a few pesos per month)
The desert kingdom can improve its shattered international standing - and also save Israel from itself
This is not a drill: Netanyahu's government plans to make itself omnipotent, eliminate human rights and remove barriers to kleptocracy
The success of Netflix was largely based on there being just one Netflix; like news publishers, streamers will understand that you cannot subscribe to…
Those mystified by Israel's self-defeating policy are referred to Hanlon’s Razor: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by…
Some Israelis certainly think so
Romania is still a poor country struggling with corruption and a brain drain - but it is moving in the right direction, and this is what humans want

December 2022

It's reasonable to root for a series of resets - in Russia, in the United States, in global markets and in tech